Hi Bride & Grooms!

Yes, I’m talking to both of you today! Many dog lovers are considering including their pet in their wedding. Here are 3 Things to Consider:

  • Your dog’s temperament
  • Does he like people?
  • Does he like wearing dog clothes?

I have two Pomeranians. Mellow, a 5 year old Blue Merle (left). His name fits him perfectly; and feisty 1 1/2 year old Bear.

Pomeranian dogs in ceremony


Doggy Temperament and Social Skills

Black Chihuahua dog

Mellow is a very nervous dog. New people scare him. He would never make it down the aisle.

Bear is clingy and his daily goal is lying on my lap. He’s my shadow. He likes most people, but he loves to talk and would bark during the entire ceremony.

Dog Clothes

dog in wedding ceremony

Mellow will wear anything. He won’t whine or try to chew the clothes off. He’s very easy going, thus his name is Mellow.

On the other hand, Bear’s will let you put the clothes on, but he will chew it off… like a goat! He doesn’t like wearing his collar…so wearing clothes will never work.

So, if you want your fur baby to participate in your ceremony, think twice if they are anything like Mellow or Bear!

Happy Planning!