Hi Bride!

If you are like most brides, after your engagement you start looking for the wedding dress of your dreams, wedding decorations, the perfect invitations and all things weddings. The best place for online wedding inspiration is Pinterest.

So yes, create a board for each aspect of your wedding and pin away!

But… before you do, create your wedding budget. Why? Your wedding budget will set limits on what you and your groom allocate for each element of your wedding, which is based on the total amount you are willing to spend. For example, if your total wedding budget is 35,000, and you have allocated 3,000 for your wedding dress and accessories, don’t pin and try on dresses for more than the amount. You will set yourself up and get frustrated!

Set your wedding budget and let it be your spending guide for all things weddings, so you can enjoy your moment and enjoy your experience…

Happy Planning!

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Houghton | Photo: Maria Valentino via glamour.com